The Bacon Family

The Bacon family is connected through marriage to several families from Black Walnut who also have family buried at Black Walnut Cemetery including the Jameson family of Jane Harris Jameson (1841-1903) and Meyer family of Dora Meyer (1893-1896).

Gary Simpkins has been actively researching the Bacon family with a working hypothesis that this Bacon family lived from the early 1700s for generations in Virginia and then migrated west to the St Louis/St Charles area perhaps as early as the 1830s. We will provide more detail as Gary’s theory proves out.

As of June 2021, gravestones have not been found for either Bacon child.

Edna Bacon

Records show that Edna Bacon died on 30 Jun 1903 at the age of 2 y, 1 m, and 7d and is buried at Black Walnut Cemetery. Justin Watkins has provided additional information that “her obituary is in the St Charles Daily Banner-News 30 June 1903 with the burial notice on 1 Jul 1903. She died in the old St. Charles County Courthouse at 119 S. Main Street during the 1903 flood.” We recently obtained copies of those documents.

Census documents show that George Bacon, the father of Infant Daughter Bacon was the eldest son of George W and Isabelle Jameson Bacon and Edna Bacon was one of their children.

Infant Bacon

The infant daughter of George and Mary Askins Bacon died on 6 Sep 1913 – premature and is buried at Black Walnut Cemetery.

George and Mary went on to have three more children: Dorothy who married Richard Wilson, Vivian who married Clifton DeRoy and Marvin who married Leola Schaefer. Most of the family stayed in the St. Charles area.

Obituary Edna Bacon 1903

Edna Bacon Obituary 1903

Edna Bacon Funeral Notice 1903

Edna Bacon Funeral Notice 1903

Infant Bacon Death Certificate

Bacon infant certificate 1913

Funeral paperwork from Steinbrinker's