Eliza Bassett and her son Cushman Bassett are both buried at the Black Walnut Cemetery. Eliza was born Eliza Mildred Overstreet on 10 Feb 1817 in Albemarle County, Virginia. At age 19 she married Benjamin E Timberlake and they had 3 children.

One of their daughters Mary Frances would marry Morris Stonebraker and her first son Willie Alfred Stonebraker would die as an infant in 1861 and be buried at Black Walnut Cemetery.

Eliza married Cushman M Bassett in 1846 and they had 4 children, including Cushman Bassett born in 1851, who would die on 23 Feb 1862 and be buried at Black Walnut Cemetery. His stone reads:

One sweet flower has drooped and faded
One sweet youthfull voice has fled
one fair brow the grave has shaded
One dear schoolmate now is dead.

Eliza died on 14 Apr 1882 and according to the St Charles Cosmos: “Mrs. Cushman Bassett, aged about sixty-five years, died near Black Walnut on Friday last and was interred on Sunday in the Robbins’ burying ground, Dr. Edward Martin of the Madison street Presbyterian Church conducting the funeral services.” During the 2020-2021 cemetery restoration, Eliza’s head stone was not located.

Eliza Overstreet Timberlake Bassett

Cushman Bassett grave stone – photo by Jerry Prouhet Dec 2021

Eliza Bassett obituary

1860 Federal Census