Two children of Thomas J and Mary Ann Grace are buried at Black Walnut Cemetery, along with their mother. Mary Ann Lindsay was born on 27 Sep 1818 in Iowa and died at age 36 on 7 March 1855. Their two sons buried with her are: John L. Grace born 20 Nov 1842 and died on 9 Jul 1845 and Franklin P Grace who was born on 30 June 1853 and died on 26 Aug 1853. 

After Mary Ann died, Thomas J. Grace married Elizabeth Bonds. Their first child, Martha, died as an infant born 7 July 1856 and died 29 July 1856. She is also buried at Black Walnut Cemetery. By 1860 the Grace family had moved on to Chariton County, Missouri.

Gary Simpkins found a connection between the Bonds and Grace families. Elizabeth Grace b1841 the firstborn of Thomas J and Mary Ann Grace married Creed A Bonds in 1860 and had daughter Alice in 1861. Not long after Alice’s birth or maybe even while his wife was pregnant, Creed got his calling to join the Union Missouri Guard in the Civil War. Like so many in that war, he did not return. His probate filing was in February 1863.

In September 1863 Creed’s younger brother Robert P Bonds also got called to serve in the war. Robert did return that same winter and married his brother’s widow Elizabeth in January of 1864. His quick return hinted something was wrong. He and Elizabeth went on to have two boys and a girl. Robert died about 1875, some say from his wounds from the war.
In 1877 Elizabeth married Isaac West and they moved the family to Sullivan, Mo. They had one daughter. Elizabeth died in 1906 in Sullivan.

Mary Ann – photo by Jerry Prouhet 2021

John – photo by Jerry Prouhet 2021

Franklin – photo by Jerry Prouhet 2021

Martha – photo by Jerry Prouhet 2021