Elizabeth D Mauzy Prinster is buried at Black Walnut Cemetery. She was born in Missouri on 5 Feb 1833 and died on 21 Oct 1871. We have used Jerry Prouhet’s well-documented family tree as a guide for this Black Walnut Prinster family, as he has diligently worked on this family.

Elizabeth D Mauzy and Joseph Prinster were married in St. Charles County, Missouri on 9 Apr 1860. The 1860 census shows Elizabeth’s sister Lucy Ann living with her and her husband. The 1870 census shows Joseph and Elizabeth along with their three sons: George, John, and Nicholas “Mike”.

When we posted questions about the Prinster family on our Facebook page, we found that many in our group are related to the Prinster family and had information about their branches of the Prinster family.

We continue our research on the origins of the Mauzy family – and all the different ways it was spelled back in the day.