Four children from the Cornforth family of Robert and Mary Magdeline (Smith) Cornforth are buried at Black Walnut Cemetery – Richard (1847-1849), William (1850-1852), Henry (1852-1855), and an infant daughter (1863-1863).

This Cornforth family has been researched fairly extensively through the years. Robert Cornforth came from England as a child with his parents about 1818-1820. They settled in Dearborn County, Indiana. There Robert (1817-1873) married Mary Magdeline Smith (1823/4-1867) in 1846 and they moved on to St. Charles County, Missouri.

The family shows up on the 1850 and 1860 census records for Missouri and then in the mid-1860s they left for Hoyt, Jackson County, Kansas where Mary Magdeline Smith Cornforth died in the 1867 after having ten children. Of the six children who lived to adulthood, four had children with three of those families carrying on the Cornforth name. There are many people researching this family on and we have traced some to Texas, Oklahoma, and California, as well as to the Missouri counties of Jackson, Cedar, Cass, and St. Clair.



Richard Cornforth – photo by Jerry Prouhet Dec 2021

William Cornforth photo by Jerry Prouhet Dec 2021


Henry Cornforth – photo by Jerry Prouhet 2021

Infant Daughter Cornforth – photo by Jerry Prouhet 2021

Cornforth children – photo by Jerry Prouhet 2021

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