Herman and Dorothy Pfeiffer had an infant daughter who died on 19 Dec 1910 and is buried at Black Walnut Cemetery according to SCCHS records. She only lived 10 minutes and we do not know if she was even named. A careful look at the death certificate shows that she was buried in Black Walnut, MO, the certificate does not state explicitly at the Cemetery and there was no Undertaker involved with the burial. It may just be that this was a home birth as the birthplace was just listed as Portage Township. The Dr. may have just left her with her parents and they buried her there? No gravestone was located for her during the Black Walnut Cemetery restoration in 2020-2021.

It appears that Herman and Dorothy only had one other child, a son William who died in 1959 and is buried in St. Francis Cemetery in Portage Des Sioux and who never married.

However, Herman’s siblings seem to have lived long and prospered in the Portage Des Sioux area. Herman’s sister Lena married into the LeClaire family and a daughter of hers married into the Boschert family. Herman’s brother John married Kate Kollman/Kohlman who later married Tony Arth. Kate earned a mention in the Minke book “Land Between the Rivers” on page 72 as Katie Art. She took in laundry and was very well liked. She died in Portage in 1935, so stories about her may still be circulating.

There are a number of people researching these families on Ancestry and someone in Portage Des Sioux may know of extended family still living locally. Perhaps they heard a story handed down about Herman and Dorothy Pfeiffer’s infant daughter.