Levi B. Johnson

When you have someone buried at Black Walnut Cemetery named Johnson, the first question asked is if this Johnson family could be related to the family of the famous Indian fighter John Johnson? Well, perhaps Levi B Johnson is the grandson of John Johnson. And perhaps he is the son of Levi Johnson (1792-1835) and Esther Best (1800-1851). Esther Best in the daughter of Stephen Best and Mary Kieney.

Levi B. Johnson married Mary E Murray on 10 Jan 1867 in St Charles and their daughter Cora Ann Johnson was born on 30 Sep 1867. We have identified Levi B. Johnson as an individual who was on a list of men subject to Military Duty during the Civil War, but have not yet documented his actual service.

There are more source documents needed to prove or disprove the above theory, but the documents below are the basis for this working theory. 

No grave stone was located for Levi B. Johnson during the cemetery restoration 2020-2021.

However he was listed in “Gone But Not Forgotten”, by Mary  Johnson McElhiney with the note “Ref. Pg. 306 H.St C.M.W.”

documentation by Philip Rhea 2020

Documentation by Philip Rhea 2020


Levi married Esther Bert – who we think is Esther Best. This text is the link between John Johnson and Levi Johnson, the father of Levi B. Johnson. See Bottom of page 307 to top of page 307 from History of St Charles, Montgomery and Warren Counties.

Levi B Johnson on list of men subject to do Military Duty during Civil War. Question – did he serve?

Center right shows that Levi B Johnson died intestate and confirms relationship with Esther (Best) Johnson.