J. B. Garvin

John Benjamin Garvin had three wives who are buried at Black Walnut Cemetery. They are: Rosannah Mallerson, Rebecca Reed, and Elizabeth King.

Rosannah Mallerson was born in 1806 in PA and died on 23 Aug 1835. She had three children with John Benjamin: John B Garvin, Jr., Syntha Garvin, and Andrew Garvin. Of their children, only John Benjamin Jr. lived to adulthood married and had children of his own.

Rebecca Reed was born in 1819 and died on 6 Apr 1838. She married John Benjamin on 2 Mar 1837. She had one child with John Benjamin, an infant who was not yet named. Gary Simpkins found the article below in the Salt River Journal, Bowling Green, MO from 28 Nov 1840 which concerns partitioning a piece of land in Pike Co, MO after the death of William Reed who died 26 Feb 1837 in Marion Co, KY. The article lists all of his family which includes his granddaughter Rebecca Reed who married John B. Garvin.

Elizabeth King was born in 1794 in England and died on 13 Dec 1848. She and John Benjamin were married in St Charles on 25 April 1840. We have no record that she and John Benjamin had any children together.

It is not known if any of the children of John Benjamin Garvin who died between 1833 and 1847 are buried at Black Walnut Cemetery near their mothers. During the cemetery restoration of 2020-2021, no other grave stones were found.

This Garvin family is not to be confused with the family of Alexander Garvin (1784-1832) who is buried at Black Walnut Cemetery with his three daughters – Amma, Permelia, and Julieann.  Additional research is required.


Rosannah – photo by Jerry Prouhet 2021

Rebecca – photo by Jerry Prouhet 2021

Elizabeth – photo by Jerry Prouhet 2021

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