Harriet Vanover Kuntz was born in Illinois in Dec 1843 and died on 13 Mar 1868 when she was buried at Black Walnut Cemetery, according to SCCHS records. It is noted that she was the wife of John. A partial gravestone was located during the cemetery restoration 2020-2021.

Harriet married John Christian Kuntz in 1865 at the age of 22 and they had two children John Christopher Kuntz in 1866 and Harriet May “Hattie” Kuntz in 1867. Hattie married Rufus Wren. They had three sons, with Charles and Walter residing in St Louis and William in Washington State.

By 1870, the Census shows that John Kuntz had moved on to Reynolds County, MO and by 1880 would be married again and raising more children with his new wife.



Kuntz/Vanover family tree

1870 Census

Partial Grave Stone photo by Jerry Prouhet