William Hoddle was born in England in 1817 and according to the news of the day he died on 30 Nov 1881 in Black Walnut at Seth Fields’ house. We understand from this newspaper account that he had lived in the area for 10 years and had three children – one who lived in St Charles County and two who lived in Chariton County. It is understood that he is buried at Black Walnut Cemetery, although neither a head stone or foot stone was located during the cemetery restoration of 2020 – 2021.

We found a record of William’s passage from England in 1871. In the 1861 British Census, William Hoddle is listed as a widower and boarder in England. The 1851 census lists him as a widower with his three children – Hannah, William, and Eliza. On the 1841 census his wife is still alive and listed as is an older son Isaac. So, we have found four children.

Evidently his children emigrated before he did with his son William and wife Eliza the US 1880 census in Portage Des Sioux, Thomas and Hannah Barber/Barbour on the New York state census in 1875 and then 1880 – 1910 they are in Chariton County for the Federal Census, and Isaac and Elizabeth Hoddle in Chariton County for the 1880-1900 Federal Census. Eliza has not been located yet. The families of William and Eliza Hoddle and Thomas and Hannah Barber/Barbour seemed to have moved around Missouri and to the West.



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Arrived 24 Mar 1871 – see #30

1861 Census

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