Michael O’Flaherty was a bit tricky to research as Michael’s last name fluctuates between O’Flaherty and Flaherty and his given name is sometimes listed William Michael. He seems to have gone by Michael.

SCCHS provided his obituary from the St. Charles Democrat 23 May 1889 which states that Michael died on 20 May 1889 he was 60 years old and left a widow and 8 children. We are currently reviewing the obituary and looking for any evidence that he was buried at Black Walnut, not just from the Black Walnut area. As of July 2021, a grave stone has not be located.

Finding Michael and his wife Annie with 8 children in the 1880 census helped document that Michael and Annie were born in Ireland and immigrated to Kentucky before coming to St. Charles County. They arrived in Kentucky before 1856 when their eldest son William was born and came to Missouri before 1864 when their daughter Maggie was born. We have also traced his eldest son to a grandson – each bearing his name William Michael.

O’Flaherty family tree
1880 Census