The Beginning

November 2019 with the help of our Restoration Project Manager Jerry Prouhet, we got inside to look around. There were quite a number of standing grave markers. There were more in pieces and I bet there were many buried under silt and fall leaves. We have records of many grave markers, so they in there somewhere. It will take time and work to clear the land a bit, cut away the brush, and restore the grave markers. Jerry says we can do it and today we started!

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Restoration Work

Transformation of the Black Walnut Cemetery – after months of work by our volunteer crew headed up by Project Manager Jerry Prouhet, we can see this long-abandoned cemetery take shape.

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The core volunteer crew who has spent 100s of hours at the cemetery nearly every weekend in the Summer heat deserves our gratitude and appreciation: Jerry Prouhet, Dorris Keeven-Franke and Ron Franklin, Steven and Deb Stopke, Tom and Anna Lange. We also appreciate the time that many other volunteers gave coming out for a day or a couple of days of work – every hour helped!

Graveyard Slough

One of the various names given to Black Walnut Cemetery over the years was Graveyard Slough – you can guess why by these photos!

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